Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to Maintain Health and Fitness

Health is generally regarded as the state of well being of the physical and mental condition of a person. Maintaining health and fitness is totally dependent on a person's individual effort. Although science has offered much help in maintaining health and fitness nothing will work unless the person is dedicated enough to follow them
Here are some tips that have been successful over the years in maintaining as well as improving health and fitness.
But before following these tips you must realize that to achieve a good health our diet should be a balanced one, there should be enough variety in our diet and also regular exercise. The main formula for a balanced diet lies in the satisfying the needs of the body. Different people have different height, weight as well as dimensions, so every case is unique. So first it is necessary to recognize the calories requirements of each and every person.
First tip to maintain health is to eat sensibly. There should be a lot of variety in your food. Our body requires at least 40 nutrients, so while eating you must see that all these nutrients are there in the food that you take. To do this you can also make a food pyramid or a chart where you can list down the calorie, vitamins and other constituent that a particular food has. After this you can accordingly eat food to your calorie requirements.
Secondly even if you are not following a food chart with calories than you need to include the following things in your diet-whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables. This food will keep you away from nay kind of diseases.
Avoid junk and spicy food. This will help in reducing weight and also keep you away from obese related problems like diabetes, heart problems, pressure, cancer and osteoporosis.
Fourthly, self control while eating is also important to maintain your health and fitness. Eating six small meals instead of three meals is considered wiser. Eat whenever you are hungry instead of waiting your hunger to culminate.
Eating a proper diet does not means that you should completely cut out your favorite foods. What you can do is to measure the calories that your favorite foods have and also include them. But be sure that the meals that you take everyday include all the foods.
Exercise plays a very important part in maintaining health and fitness. Exercise should be a daily part of your life. Exercise can be of any for- walking, swimming, jogging, aerobics even yoga and meditation. Exercise has a lot of benefits. It will glow up your skin, tone your muscles, burns out the fats and also keeps you away from diseases.